Emily Scarratt

England Rugby


  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Women in sport

About Emily Scarratt

Emily Scarratt is perhaps best known as the player who secured England’s 2014 Women’s World Cup triumph with six minutes left in the game. She currently plays centre and fullback for Loughborough Lightning and was awarded a full-time England contract.

Prior to joining Loughborough Lightning in 2018, Emily played for Leicester Forest. She first played for England in 2008, scoring 12 tries in 12 games. In 2009 she helped England to victory in the 2009 Women’s Six Nations Championship and was joint top try scorer. As England went on to win the next three Six Nations Championships, Emily again achieved top try scorer in 2010 and top point scorer in 2011.

She was named World Rugby’s Women’s Player of the Year in November 2019 and became the highest ever Red Roses points scorer in the 2020 Six Nations.

As a public speaker, Emily Scarratt captivates audiences with her inspiring journey and the valuable lessons she has learned throughout her illustrious career. Her key speaking topics include:

  1. Leadership and Teamwork: Emily shares her experiences as a leader on and off the field, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, trust, and collaboration within a team. She provides insights into how to lead by example, inspire teammates, and build a cohesive, high-performing unit.
  2. Resilience and Overcoming Adversity: Emily discusses the challenges she has faced, from injuries to high-stakes matches, and how she has overcome them with resilience and mental toughness. She offers strategies for maintaining focus and determination in the face of adversity, applicable to both sports and everyday life.
  3. Promoting Women’s Sports: A passionate advocate for women’s rugby, Emily speaks about the growth and development of the sport, the challenges of achieving gender equality, and the importance of supporting and encouraging young female athletes. She highlights the progress made and the work still needed to ensure equal opportunities and recognition.
  4. Balancing Career and Personal Life: Emily provides insights into managing the demands of a professional sports career while maintaining a healthy and fulfilling personal life. She shares tips on time management, setting priorities, and achieving a balanced lifestyle.

Emily Scarratt’s engaging and motivational speaking style, combined with her remarkable achievements in rugby, makes her presentations both impactful and inspiring. She offers practical advice and valuable insights, encouraging audiences to pursue their passions, develop their leadership skills, and maintain resilience in the face of challenges

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