Jeremy Snape

Former England Cricket Player/Sports Psychologist

About Jeremy Snape

Jeremy Snape is a former English cricketer and now a sports psychologist, known for his work on mental toughness and performance in sports. Born in 1973, Snape played as an all-rounder for Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, and the England national team during the late 1990s and early 2000s. His ability to contribute with both bat and ball made him a valuable player in county cricket.

After retiring from professional cricket, Snape pursued a career in sports psychology, earning a Master’s degree in the field. He founded Sporting Edge, a company that provides performance coaching and mental resilience training to athletes and business professionals. Snape’s work as a psychologist has been widely recognized, and he has worked with various sports teams and organizations to help improve performance through mental toughness and strategic thinking.

As a public speaker, Jeremy Snape focuses on the psychology of performance, leadership, and mental resilience. His presentations often draw on his experiences as a cricketer and psychologist, highlighting the importance of mental toughness in achieving success. Snape’s articulate and engaging speaking style, combined with his deep understanding of sports psychology, makes his talks both inspirational and practical. He emphasizes the value of strategic thinking, resilience, and maintaining a positive mindset, offering valuable insights and practical advice for audiences seeking to enhance their performance in sports and business.

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