Peter Baxter

Cricket Producer

About Peter Baxter

Peter Baxter is a former producer of BBC’s Test Match Special, known for his significant contributions to cricket broadcasting. Born in 1947, Baxter’s career with Test Match Special spanned over three decades, during which he played a pivotal role in shaping the program’s success and popularity. His innovative approach to broadcasting and ability to manage a team of commentators made him a respected figure in sports media.

Baxter’s work behind the scenes involved coordinating live broadcasts, developing new formats, and ensuring that the commentary was both informative and entertaining. His efforts helped Test Match Special become a beloved institution among cricket fans, known for its unique blend of insightful analysis and engaging storytelling.

In addition to his work with Test Match Special, Baxter has written books and articles on cricket, sharing his insights and experiences from his long career in broadcasting. His contributions to cricket media have been widely recognized and appreciated by both peers and fans.

As a public speaker, Peter Baxter focuses on themes such as the evolution of sports media, the importance of innovation in broadcasting, and sharing behind-the-scenes stories from his career. His presentations often highlight the challenges and triumphs of producing live sports broadcasts, providing valuable insights into the world of media and entertainment. Baxter’s articulate and thoughtful speaking style, combined with his wealth of experience, makes his talks both informative and engaging. He offers audiences a unique perspective on the intricacies of sports broadcasting and the importance of adapting to changing technologies and audiences.

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