Aaron James


About Aaron James

Aaron James is a prominent UK comedian, impressionist, host, auctioneer, and presenter, known for his versatile performances across various events. With a career spanning almost 30 years, he has built a reputation for his engaging and humorous style, making him a popular choice for corporate events, sporting dinners, awards ceremonies, and charity auctions.

Career Highlights:

  • Sports and Entertainment: Aaron has hosted major events such as three world title fights in Las Vegas, including the high-profile Ricky Hatton vs. Floyd Mayweather fight at the Bellagio. He has also provided pre-match entertainment at major football clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Leicester City, as well as Champions League and World Cup finals​ 
  • Television and Radio: He has made numerous appearances on television shows like “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross,” “The Big Breakfast,” and “Only Fools & Horses,” as well as radio shows on BBC Radio 2, Talksport, and BBC 5 Live​
  • Voice-over Work: Aaron has lent his voice to over 40 birthday cards, advertisements, and corporate events​ 
  • Theatre Tours: He has toured with notable figures such as George Best, Jimmy Greaves, Eric Cantona, and Joe Pasquale​ 

Style and Recognition:

Aaron’s humor is known to be non-offensive, making him suitable for a wide range of audiences. His impressions cover a broad spectrum of personalities from sports, movies, television, and politics, tailored to include people in the room for a personalized touch. He is highly regarded by peers and clients alike, receiving positive feedback for his performances and professional demeanor​ 

For more information about Aaron James, you can visit his official website or check out his profile on Comicus and Scott Jordan Entertainment.

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