Bob 'The Cat' Bevan


About Bob 'The Cat' Bevan

Bob ‘The Cat’ Bevan is a renowned after-dinner speaker and comedian, known for his humorous take on sports and life. Born in 1945, Bevan has had a long and successful career entertaining audiences with his sharp wit and engaging storytelling. His unique blend of comedy and sports anecdotes has made him a popular figure at corporate events, sports dinners, and charity functions.

Bevan’s nickname, “The Cat,” comes from his time as a goalkeeper in amateur football, where his agility and reflexes earned him the moniker. This background in sports, combined with his natural comedic talent, has provided a rich source of material for his performances. Over the years, he has shared the stage with numerous celebrities and sports personalities, adding to his repertoire of entertaining stories.

As a public speaker, Bob ‘The Cat’ Bevan specializes in delivering humorous and entertaining presentations that leave audiences laughing and inspired. His talks often feature a mix of comedy, sports anecdotes, and observations on life, tailored to engage and amuse diverse audiences. Bevan’s ability to connect with people through humor and his knack for storytelling make his presentations memorable and enjoyable. Whether speaking at a corporate event or a sports dinner, he consistently delivers a performance that entertains and delights.

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