Chris Broad

Former England Cricket Player/ICC Referee

About Chris Broad

Chris Broad is a former England cricketer and current ICC match referee, known for his aggressive batting and contributions to cricket administration. Born in 1957, Broad played for Gloucestershire and the England national team from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. His ability to score quickly and dominate bowlers made him a key player for England, particularly in Test cricket. Broad’s career highlights include his outstanding performances during the 1986-87 Ashes series, where his centuries in three consecutive Tests helped England secure a famous victory.

After retiring from professional cricket, Broad transitioned into cricket administration, becoming an ICC match referee. His work as a referee has involved overseeing matches at the highest level, ensuring fair play and adherence to the rules of the game. Broad’s contributions to cricket, both as a player and an administrator, have been widely recognized and appreciated.

As a public speaker, Chris Broad focuses on themes such as the transition from player to referee, the importance of integrity in sports, and sharing captivating stories from his dual career. His presentations often highlight the challenges and responsibilities of being a match referee, providing valuable insights into the world of cricket administration. Broad’s articulate and engaging speaking style, combined with his wealth of cricketing anecdotes, makes his talks both informative and entertaining. He offers practical advice and inspiration for audiences seeking to understand the importance of integrity, fair play, and the role of sportsmanship in achieving success.

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