Craig Hignett

Footballer and Coach

About Craig Hignett

Background: Craig Hignett, born on January 12, 1970, in Whiston, England, is a former professional footballer and current coach. Hignett played as an attacking midfielder and had a career spanning over two decades, during which he became known for his creativity and goal-scoring ability. Playing Career: Hignett’s playing career included significant spells at clubs like Middlesbrough, where he played a key role in their promotion to the Premier League and their cup runs in the late 1990s. He also played for Barnsley, Blackburn Rovers, and Leicester City. Hignett was admired for his technical skills and his knack for scoring crucial goals.
Public Speaking: Craig Hignett’s public speaking focuses on his journey through professional football, the challenges and triumphs he faced, and the lessons learned along the way. His talks are particularly engaging for those interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects of football and the transition from player to coach.

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