Dave Bassett

Football Manager

About Dave Bassett

Background: Dave Bassett, born on September 4, 1944, in Stanmore, England, is a former footballer and manager. As a player, he had a modest career, but he gained prominence as a manager. Bassett is best known for his time with Wimbledon, where he led the “Crazy Gang” to multiple promotions, culminating in their rise to the First Division.

Managerial Career: Bassett managed several clubs, including Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, and Leicester City. His management style was characterized by its directness and effectiveness, earning him a reputation for rescuing clubs from relegation and achieving promotions.

Public Speaking: In his public speaking, Dave Bassett shares his experiences from managing football clubs, focusing on team building, leadership, and overcoming challenges. His talks are filled with practical advice and motivational stories from his long career in football management.

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