Duncan McKenzie


About Duncan McKenzie

Background: Duncan McKenzie, born on June 10, 1950, in Grimsby, England, is a former professional footballer known for his flair and creativity on the pitch. He began his career with Nottingham Forest and went on to play for several clubs, including Mansfield Town, Leeds United, Anderlecht, Everton, Chelsea, and Blackburn Rovers. McKenzie was renowned for his dribbling skills, ability to entertain the crowd, and unique stunts, such as jumping over cars. Playing Career: McKenzie’s career highlights include a successful spell at Leeds United, where he became a fan favorite, and his time at Everton, where his performances, although sporadic, were often spectacular. He also had notable periods at Anderlecht in Belgium and Chelsea, where he continued to display his eccentric style of play. His career also included stints in the North American Soccer League with the Tulsa Roughnecks and Chicago Sting.
Public Speaking: Duncan McKenzie is now an accomplished after-dinner speaker, sharing anecdotes from his colorful career in football. His talks are filled with humor and insights into the world of professional football, making him a popular figure for sports events and corporate functions.

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