Jill Douglas

Sports Broadcaster and Public Speaker


  • Leadership and Communication
  • Overcoming Challenges and Resilience
  • Women in Sports Media:
  • The Power of Storytelling

About Jill Douglas

Jill Douglas is a distinguished sports broadcaster known for her extensive experience and insightful commentary across a variety of sports, particularly rugby. Born in 1970, Jill has become a prominent figure in sports media, celebrated for her articulate reporting, in-depth knowledge, and engaging on-screen presence. Her career has spanned over two decades, during which she has covered major sporting events worldwide, earning respect and admiration from viewers and colleagues alike.
Jill’s career in sports journalism began after she graduated from Edinburgh Napier University. She quickly rose through the ranks, starting at Sky Sports before moving to the BBC, where she became a key presenter for their rugby coverage. Jill has since worked with ITV and BT Sport, anchoring coverage for prestigious tournaments like the Six Nations Championship, Rugby World Cup, and the Olympic Games. Her versatility and expertise extend beyond rugby, as she has also covered cycling, equestrian sports, and athletics.
As a public speaker, Jill Douglas captivates audiences with her wealth of experience and the valuable lessons she has gathered throughout her career. Her key speaking topics include:
  1. Leadership and Communication: Jill shares insights from her career in sports broadcasting, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and leadership. She discusses how clear and compelling communication can build trust, engage audiences, and lead successful teams.
  2. Overcoming Challenges and Resilience: Drawing from her personal experiences, Jill speaks about the challenges she has faced in a competitive industry. She highlights the importance of resilience, adaptability, and perseverance in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
  3. Women in Sports Media: As a trailblazer in a traditionally male-dominated field, Jill advocates for gender equality and the empowerment of women in sports media. She shares her journey, the barriers she has broken, and the importance of supporting and mentoring the next generation of female sports journalists.
  4. The Power of Storytelling: Jill emphasizes the role of storytelling in sports broadcasting, explaining how compelling narratives can connect with audiences, inspire change, and enhance the viewer experience. She provides tips on how to craft and deliver impactful stories in any context.
Jill Douglas’s engaging and inspirational speaking style, combined with her extensive experience in sports media, makes her presentations both educational and motivating. She offers practical advice and profound insights, encouraging audiences to pursue their passions, develop their communication skills, and maintain resilience in the face of challenges.

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