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About Lee Dixon

Lee Dixon is a celebrated former professional footballer, renowned for his time as a right-back with Arsenal and the England national team. Born on March 17, 1964, in Manchester, England, Dixon began his career with Burnley before achieving significant success at Arsenal, where he played from 1988 to 2002. During his tenure, he won four league titles, three FA Cups, and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, becoming a key part of Arsenal’s formidable defense.

After retiring from professional football, Dixon transitioned into broadcasting, becoming a respected football pundit and commentator for ITV, BBC, and NBC Sports. His insights and expertise have made him a popular figure in sports media.

As a public speaker, Lee Dixon engages audiences with his rich experiences from his football career and beyond. His key speaking topics include:

  1. Leadership and Teamwork: Drawing from his time at Arsenal, Dixon discusses the importance of effective leadership and teamwork in achieving success. He provides insights into building trust, fostering collaboration, and leading by example, both on and off the field.
  2. Resilience and Overcoming Adversity: Lee shares personal stories of overcoming challenges and setbacks during his football career, emphasizing the importance of resilience, mental toughness, and maintaining a positive mindset.
  3. Achieving Peak Performance: Offering practical advice on maintaining peak physical and mental condition, goal setting, and the discipline required to excel at the highest levels, Dixon’s insights are invaluable for both athletes and professionals in other fields.
  4. Life After Football: Dixon talks about his transition from professional sports to a successful career in broadcasting and business, highlighting the importance of adaptability and continuous learning.

Lee Dixon’s engaging and motivational speaking style, combined with his extensive experience and achievements, makes his presentations both inspiring and impactful. He provides practical advice and valuable insights, encouraging audiences to develop resilience, strive for excellence, and lead effectively in their personal and professional lives.


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