Mark Crossley


About Mark Crossley

Background: Mark Crossley, born on June 16, 1969, in Barnsley, England, is a former professional goalkeeper best known for his long tenure at Nottingham Forest. Crossley was a reliable and consistent presence in goal, earning respect for his shot-stopping abilities and leadership on the field. Playing Career: Crossley’s career is most notably associated with Nottingham Forest, where he played under the legendary Brian Clough. He also had spells at Middlesbrough, Fulham, and Sheffield Wednesday. Crossley is particularly remembered for his penalty-saving prowess and his calm demeanor in high-pressure situations.
Public Speaking: In his public speaking engagements, Mark Crossley shares his experiences from a distinguished career in football, focusing on the psychological aspects of goalkeeping, the importance of resilience, and his time under Brian Clough’s management. His talks provide valuable insights into the life of a professional goalkeeper and the mental strength required to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

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