Matt Dawson

Rugby Player

About Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson is a former English rugby union player and current sports commentator and television personality. Born in 1972, Dawson played as a scrum-half for Northampton Saints and England, earning over 70 caps and playing a pivotal role in England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup victory. Known for his quick thinking, agility, and leadership on the field, Dawson also enjoyed success with the British and Irish Lions.

Dawson’s public speaking focuses on teamwork, adaptability, and leadership. He shares insights from his rugby career, emphasizing the importance of communication, flexibility, and leading by example. Dawson’s engaging and dynamic speaking style, combined with his wealth of experience, makes his presentations both entertaining and educational. He often draws parallels between sports and business, providing practical advice on how to build cohesive teams, adapt to changing circumstances, and achieve success in competitive environments.

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