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  • English Seafood Cookery (1988) - Glenfiddich Cook Book of the Year 1989 A Beginner's Guide to Seafood (1992) - Chapter in Marine Cuisine Guides Beach to Belly (1994) - Foreword Taste of the Sea (1995) - André Simon Cook Book of the Year 1996, Good Food Award Best Cookery Book 1995/1996 Rick Stein Fish, 10 Recipes (1996) Fruits of the Sea (1997) Rick Stein's Seafood Odyssey (1999) Rick Stein's Seafood Lovers' Guide (2000) Rick Stein's Seafood (2001) - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2001, Best Seafood and Fish in English; Best in the World Fish and Seafood (German translation – Gold medal – Gastronomische Akademie Deutschland 2003) My Favourite Seafood Recipes (2002) - Marks and Spencer cookery book Rick Stein's Food Heroes (2002) - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2002, Best Local Cookery Book; Best Cookery Book of the Year in Great Britain / Jacob's Creek World Food Media Awards 2003: Silver for best hardcover recipe book Rick Stein's Guide to the Food Heroes of Britain (2003) - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2003, Best Guide Rick Stein's Food Heroes, Another Helping (2004) Rick Stein's Complete Seafood (2004) - Winner of the James Beard Foundation Award 2005 for Cook Book of the Year Rick Stein's French Odyssey (2005) Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes (2007) Rick Stein Coast to Coast (2008) Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey (2009) My Kitchen Table: Rick Stein's 100 Fish and Seafood Recipes (2011) Rick Stein's Spain (2011) Rick Stein's India (2013) Under a Mackerel Sky: A Memoir (2013) Rick Stein's Long Weekends (2016) The Road to Mexico (2017) Rick Stein's Secret France (2019) Rick Stein at Home (2021) Rick Stein's Simple Suppers (2023)

About RIck Stein

Rick Stein is a celebrated British chef, restaurateur, author, and television presenter, known for his passion for fresh, simple seafood and his engaging personality. Born on January 4, 1947, Rick has built a culinary empire that includes multiple acclaimed restaurants, cookery schools, and a significant presence in the media.

Rick’s culinary journey began in 1975 when he co-founded The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, Cornwall, with his then-wife Jill. The restaurant quickly became renowned for its focus on fresh, local seafood, and its success laid the foundation for Stein’s expansive culinary career. Today, Rick Stein’s business empire includes numerous restaurants, a cookery school, and a range of homeware products. He has also written over 25 cookery books and produced more than 30 television programs, which have been instrumental in popularizing seafood cuisine in the UK and beyond.

Rick’s television career took off in the 1990s with shows like “Taste of the Sea” and “Fruits of the Sea.” His travel and food series, such as “Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes,” “Rick Stein’s India,” and “Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico,” have been particularly popular, combining his love for travel and food exploration. In recognition of his contributions to the culinary world, Rick was awarded a CBE in 2018 for services to the economy.

As a public speaker, Rick Stein captivates audiences with his wealth of experience and the stories behind his culinary adventures. His key speaking topics include:

  1. The Joy of Simple, Fresh Seafood: Rick shares his philosophy of cooking with fresh, local ingredients and his passion for seafood. He discusses the importance of sustainability and the joys of simple, honest cooking.
  2. Culinary Travels and Discoveries: Drawing from his extensive travels for his television series, Rick provides insights into the culinary traditions and food cultures of various regions around the world. He shares fascinating anecdotes and recipes discovered on his journeys.
  3. Building a Culinary Empire: Rick talks about the challenges and triumphs of building a successful culinary business. He provides practical advice on entrepreneurship, innovation, and maintaining quality and consistency across multiple ventures.
  4. Sustainability and Ethical Eating: Emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices, Rick discusses how to source ingredients responsibly and the impact of these choices on the environment and local communities.
  5. Inspirations and Influences: Rick reflects on the people, places, and experiences that have shaped his culinary philosophy. He discusses his creative process and how he continues to find inspiration in the culinary world.

Rick Stein’s engaging and charismatic speaking style, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience, makes his presentations both educational and entertaining. He offers audiences a unique perspective on the world of food and travel, encouraging them to explore new flavors, embrace sustainable practices, and enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking and dining.

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