Sir Clive Woodward

Former England Rugby player and World Cup Winning coach


  • DNA of a champion
  • Creating a winning culture

About Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward is a former English rugby union player and coach who famously led England to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Born in 1956, Woodward’s coaching philosophy emphasized meticulous preparation, innovative strategies, and strong leadership. After retiring from playing, he transitioned to coaching and made significant impacts on the teams he managed. His tenure as England’s head coach was marked by a disciplined approach to training, a focus on team cohesion, and the integration of business principles into sports management.

As a public speaker, Sir Clive Woodward specializes in leadership, team dynamics, and high-performance strategies. He draws parallels between the world of sports and business, emphasizing the importance of preparation, innovation, and resilience. Woodward’s presentations are known for their practical insights and motivational elements, often leaving audiences with actionable takeaways on how to build and lead successful teams. His engaging style and wealth of experience make him a sought-after speaker for corporate events and leadership seminars.

Sir Clive has developed a range of programs for executive leadership teams. DNA of a champion and Creating a winning culture are very successful and inspiring courses delivered by Sir Clive in person. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.

DNA of a champion

Now, more than ever before, our business and personal lives demand more of us. Understanding how individuals and teams can work more effectively under pressure is key to creating a high-performance environment.

The ‘DNA of a Champion’ course is based upon Sir Clive Woodward’s unrivalled experience of working at the highest levels of both International Business and Sport.

Inspirational, authentic and entertaining, the course delivers unique insights into the skills and winning behaviours fundamental to success in today’s fast-moving business world.

And it’s not based on theory – it’s based on real experience and proven results!

Creating a winning culture –

The culture of any team is fundamental to its success, whether it’s in International Business or Sport.

A winning culture isn’t about the values portrayed on your company website, it’s about the behaviours demonstrated by your people on a daily basis.Sir Clive Woodward’s ‘Creating a Winning Culture’ programme enables teams to bring their values and culture to life through engaging and collaborative coaching, delivering clear actions and behaviours.

Based on the ‘Teamship’ principles which led England to victory in Rugby World Cup 2003 and delivered success for Team GB at London 2012, the programme establishes what a winning culture looks like.

Most importantly it provides the practical tools and techniques to enable teams and individuals to think differently and collaborate more effectively.

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